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The second batch of Limited-Edition pre-orders are on June 23rd.

6/15/2021 Update:

Pre-order shipments for the first batch of GameBalls will start later this week. Orders will be shipped in the order received. We were hoping to start shipments today (15th), but we are doing some extended quality testing that will push out a few days.

The next batch of pre-orders will be the 23rd at 10:00 PDT (5:00 pm GMT). Please note, we are moving out the shipping dates for this batch of pre-orders due to constraints in the supply chain. These orders will start shipping the week of July 12th. We will release three total Limited-Edition batches before we move to the Standard-Edition (Black ball) version. Once the Limited-Edition GameBalls are sold out, we won’t make more of that version. We don't have a date yet for the pre-orders of the 3rd batch of Limited-Edition units. 

We are very excited to hear back from our customers on what they think of GameBall.


6/2/2021 Update:

Wow, we sold out of our first batch of pre-orders in 7 minutes and 49 seconds.

We are targeting 10:00 am PDT (5:00 pm GMT) June 23rd for our second round of Limited-Edition GameBall pre-orders. This will be a larger production run, and we plan to start shipping these before the end of the month. These dates may change, so please check our website (News and Updates page) for the latest. We will release three total Limited-Edition batches before we move to the Standard-Edition (Black ball) version. Once the Limited-Edition GameBalls are sold out, we won’t make more of that version.

Thank you all so very much. We are blown away.


6/1/2021 Update:

Hello Trackballers,

Just a reminder; tomorrow (June 2nd) the GameBall Limited-Edition pre-orders will start at 10:00 am PDT (5:00 pm GMT). This first batch will be our smallest release as we ramp up production, and we expect to sell out quickly. We still anticipate shipping to begin on the 15th of June.

We are extremely excited to have reached this stage, and are looking forward to people getting their hands, “pun intended”, on GameBall.

5/19/2021 Update:

Hello Trackballers,

We are targeting June 2nd at 10:00 am PDT (5:00 pm GMT) to start presales on our first batch of GameBall Limited-Edition units. We will be releasing three total Limited-Edition batches and once they are gone, we won’t make more. This first batch will be our smallest release as we ramp up production, and we expect to sell out quickly. Shipments for this first batch are expected to begin June 15th. Each batch of presales will be released separately, and we will let you know in advance of each presales date. The Limited-Edition version is being offered at a reduced rate of $138 USD, and the Standard-Edition version will be priced at $148 USD. The Limited-Edition will have a red ball and a red base while the Standard-Edition will have a black ball and black base (no other differences). Sales of the Standard-Edition will start once we have sold through the Limited-Edition units. These dates/times may change, so please always check the GameBall website (News and Updates page) for the latest information.

Thank you all for the ongoing support!


5/8/2021 Update:

Good news. We passed our final certification test yesterday. This means we can start pre-sales in a few weeks with shipments right after that. In addition, we just released our detailed Getting Started video. The support page has also been added. Look for another update soon on how, and when, you can place pre-orders.

We are almost there!


4/6/2021 Update:

This is Eric with a project update on GameBall. The good news is the United Kingdom has begun lifting Covid19 lockdown restrictions. This is giving us more access to our manufacturing facility. We still have limitations, but we should be able to get back on our production schedule. One remaining hurdle is our EMC certification. This is a required certification to test how much electromagnetic interference (or noise) the unit produces. Once we pass this test, we can order and manufacture our final circuit boards. Most other items on our critical path are now complete. The firmware is going through final testing, and the raw components are being ordered. The user manual is complete and will be available in multiple languages. We are also working on a “Getting Started” video to explain all the functions and settings for GameBall in detail.

So, when will we ship? Our best-case schedule is shipping near the end of May with pre-sales starting a few weeks prior. However, this may change if we run into any production issues, or we don’t pass the EMC test. We will be sending out more frequent updates as we get closer to starting pre-sales.

Thank you all for sticking with us during the pandemic delays. We believe in the product and are committed to bringing GameBall to market.


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Thank you all for your ongoing support.

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