Yellow and Silver Ball Set

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This ball set is for the original GameBall and does not fit the GameBall Thumb.

Set of two additional trackball balls for your GameBall. This kit contains 1 yellow and 1 silver ball, and is only available for a limited time.

The balls are the same high quality and long durability as the ball that ships with your GameBall.

  • Scratch and wear resistant
  • Smooth surface for reduced friction
  • Easy to swap in and out
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Size 38.1mm (1.5 Inches)
  • High gloss finish
  • Absolute round

Does not include the GameBall trackball (Balls only)

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Customer Reviews

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Yellow and Silver Ball Set


bought as a form of support for the creators, along a gameball for my son, but they turned out even better than the original one - I definitely love the orange color, and the -10g in weight also feel smoother.

Griffin Ham
Much lighter than the standard ball, they wiggle around a lot.

I just don’t think they feel premium. They seem to not sit as well in the housing as the ball that comes with the gameball, and they are noticeably lighter in weight.

For people who have the ball hop, you can find a common mod here:

I know this isn't ideal, but it helps most people. When we designed GameBall we didn't encounter this issue since none of our testers used the trackball this way.


I got this set because I love the yellow! I wish I could just have bought that ball on its own, because now I have a gray one that will probably stay in my cupboard for the rest of eternity, but I understand it might not make economic sense for the manufacturer.

Alexander Avery
Good stuff, fair price

As advertised. High-quality, appealing looks, and honestly a fair price for supporting small-time manufacturing.