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    Game Your Way

Game Your Way

By gamers for gamers

Over five years in the making

GameBall is the realization of a dream to create a trackball with the precision and control wanted by today's gamers. Nobody else would make it, so we did it ourselves. The story behind GameBall.

The market is flooded with gaming mice, but there is no trackball with the features, functions and form wanted by gamers. Trackballers deserve better, and GameBall is the answer.

Key features

YouTube Channel

Please visit our YouTube channel to watch GameBall in action, and see our latest project update videos.

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Not just for gaming

Whether you are using Excel, editing videos, working in CAD, mixing music, gaming or just surfing the web, GameBall does it all. In addition, GameBall reduces the stress on your wrist, arm and shoulder allowing for longer PC sessions.