Ensemble de boules jaunes et argentées

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Ensemble de deux boules de commande supplémentaires pour votre GameBall . Ce kit contient 1 boule jaune et 1 boule argentée et n'est disponible que pour une durée limitée.

Les balles sont de la même qualité et de la même durabilité que la balle livrée avec votre GameBall .

  • Résistant aux rayures et à l'usure
  • Surface lisse pour une friction réduite
  • Facile à échanger et à retirer
  • Parfaitement équilibré
  • Taille 38,1 mm (1,5 pouces)
  • Finition haute brillance
  • Rond absolu

N'inclut pas le trackball GameBall (balles uniquement)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Griffin Ham
Much lighter than the standard ball, they wiggle around a lot.

I just don’t think they feel premium. They seem to not sit as well in the housing as the ball that comes with the gameball, and they are noticeably lighter in weight.

For people who have the ball hop, you can find a common mod here:

I know this isn't ideal, but it helps most people. When we designed GameBall we didn't encounter this issue since none of our testers used the trackball this way.


I got this set because I love the yellow! I wish I could just have bought that ball on its own, because now I have a gray one that will probably stay in my cupboard for the rest of eternity, but I understand it might not make economic sense for the manufacturer.

Alexander Avery
Good stuff, fair price

As advertised. High-quality, appealing looks, and honestly a fair price for supporting small-time manufacturing.

Perfect addition!

They look great (especially the yellow one) and fit perfectly.

I cannot wait for more possible colors to arrive! A dark green or black would be great aswell.

Keep up the great work!

Tyler Cherry
Supporting the manufacturer

I didn't really need them I just wanted to support the manufacturer to ensure the gameball pro was made.

The replacement ball set is very high quality and exactly as advertised. Packaged well and arrived on time.