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GameBall est la première souris trackball au monde développée spécifiquement pour les joueurs sur ordinateur. Son design unique, ses fonctionnalités spécifiques au jeu et ses composants haut de gamme le distinguent de tous les autres trackballs actuellement disponibles sur le marché.

 GameBall's  les fonctionnalités incluent:

  • Contrôle précis du bout des doigts
  • Conception ambidextre unique
  • Capteur optique de précision avec une précision extrême
  • Boutons réactifs et très durables
  • Pavé de défilement tactile innovant (horizontal et vertical)
  • Noir de carbone avec éclairage LED
  • 6 boutons ergonomiques
  • Conçu pour durer avec des composants de qualité gaming


Spécifications techniques

  • Compatibilité:
    • Windows 7 ou version ultérieure
    • Mac OS X 10.8 ou ultérieur
    • Distributions Linux populaires
    • Système d'exploitation Chrome
    • Android 5 ou version ultérieure
  • Connexion par câble USB filaire (70 po / 178 cm)
  • Ambidextre ergonomique
  • Capteur optique haute résolution (PixArt)
  • Résolutions CPI/DPI natives : 400, 800, 1200, 2000, 3000
  • Garantie matérielle limitée d'un an
  • Installation Plug-and-Play
  • Roulements en céramique
  • Dimensions : 162 mm (6,4 pouces), 119 mm (4,7 pouces), 52 mm (2 pouces)
  • Boule noire : taille 38,1 mm (1,5 pouces)
  • Poids : 230 grammes (0,5 livre)
  • Commutateurs Omron
  • taux d'interrogation 1000hz
  • Fabriqué au Royaume-Uni


Pas seulement pour les jeux 

  • Souris trackball de tous les jours entièrement capable
  • Réduction de la fatigue répétitive
  • Navigation rapide et facile sur le site Web
  • Suivi de précision pour la conception 3D et le travail de CAO
  • Moins d'espace de bureau nécessaire qu'une souris traditionnelle
  • Faible stress sur votre bras et votre épaule
  • Défilement horizontal pour un montage facile de la musique et des vidéos
  • Simple à nettoyer et à entretenir


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Brevet américain n° D932492

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Duane Campbell

really wanted to like this gameball . but alas trying to hold it stable with your finger and thumb just really doesnt work for me at all

Smoothest trackball I ever tried.

I began using trackballs recently, as I started suffering from wrist pain.
So, I do not have extended experience regarding trackballs, ut I had the opportunity to test a few ones, the kensington Orbit, the Logitech mx ergo or the M570. I ended buying the Kensington SlimBlade, which I was pretty happy.
I had to buy another trackball for the office and decided to give the game ball a try.
It is now my favourite trackball. I use it both on macOS for work (I’m designer) and on Win10 for gaming (plugged in a usb switch). Works perfectly on both systems.
It is super precise, very comfortable for my hands (I would say of average size), and the ball is the smoothest one I tried ever.
I wonder how a right handed version, with a larger ball, and maybe a detachable cable would work for me.
I would love to be able to configure the buttons myself.
Looking forward to see how this one ages. So far I am super super satisfied.

Andreas Reiss
Best Trackball so far

My history of trackballs is very long, and this is the best trackball I have had. The response is super quick. Good ergonomics. Good and intentional scrolling and on Mac with “SteerMouse” just perfect.

Asher Lau
The Gaming Trackball I Been Waiting For

I have been using this trackball since I got my hands on it around August of 2021. This is by far, out of the many trackballs I tried, one of the best I have ever used. Both for gaming and as a daily driver.

The smoothness and precision of the tracking with the innovative touch control scrolling, has allowed me to play games without having to circumvent limitations that I often run into on other brands. It isn't perfect though, for example I found the default button layout to be somewhat uncomfortable for small hands, as well as the trackball's tiny rubber feet being inadequate for more action focused games.

However overall these are issues that can fixed. The button layout will soon be address with new firmware and swapping the rubber feet isn't that much of a hassle. Generally speaking if you're on the market for some trackball gaming, then I personally thinking you can't top the Gameball.

The mouse I have been looking for

I have been using track ball mice as long as I can remember, at least since the late 90s. My previous go to mouse is no longer made. I have subsequently tried over 4 different tract balls for multiple manufacturers and have never found one that suited my needs as perfectly as the GameBall. The acuity of the 1-2 finger track ball is fabulous, the horizontal and vertical scroll wheels make it much easier to navigate my work computer system. I have been using this mouse for approximately a month now and is extremely happy with it. Thank you so much for designing and building the mouse I've been looking for.