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juego de pelota es el primer mouse trackball del mundo desarrollado específicamente para el jugador de computadora. Su diseño único, características específicas para juegos y componentes de alta gama lo distinguen de todos los demás trackballs del mercado actual.

 GameBall's  las características incluyen:

  • Control preciso con la punta de los dedos
  • Diseño ambidiestro único
  • Sensor óptico de precisión con precisión milimétrica
  • Botones receptivos y altamente duraderos
  • Panel de desplazamiento táctil innovador (horizontal y vertical)
  • Negro carbón con iluminación LED
  • 6 botones ergonómicos
  • Construido para durar con componentes de grado de juego


Especificaciones técnicas

  • Compatibilidad:
    • Windows 7 o posterior
    • Mac OS X 10.8 o posterior
    • Distribuciones populares de Linux
    • Sistema operativo Chrome
    • Android 5 o posterior
  • Conexión de cable USB con cable (70 in / 178 cm)
  • Ergonómicamente ambidiestro
  • Sensor óptico de alta resolución (PixArt)
  • Resoluciones nativas CPI/DPI: 400, 800, 1200, 2000, 3000
  • Garantía limitada de hardware de un año
  • Instalación Plug and Play
  • Cojinetes cerámicos
  • Dimensiones: 162 mm (6,4 pulgadas), 119 mm (4,7 pulgadas), 52 mm (2 pulgadas)
  • Bola negra: tamaño 38,1 mm (1,5 pulgadas)
  • Peso: 230 gramos (0,5 libras)
  • interruptores omron
  • Tasa de sondeo de 1000 Hz
  • Fabricado en el Reino Unido


No solo para jugar 

  • Ratón con bola de seguimiento para todos los días totalmente capaz
  • Reducción de la fatiga repetitiva
  • Navegación rápida y fácil del sitio web
  • Seguimiento de precisión para diseño 3D y trabajo CAD
  • Se necesita menos espacio en el escritorio que un mouse tradicional
  • Bajo estrés en su brazo y hombro
  • Desplazamiento horizontal para editar fácilmente música y videos
  • Fácil de limpiar y mantener


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Patente de EE. UU. No. D932492

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Mark Y
Very nice!

I've recently been having some wrist pain using a normal mouse in certain games. So, I decided to try out the GameBall to see if it could help reduce the pain and/or limit potential problems in the long-run. The quality of the device is great and feels like it will last. Only minor issue is that I think a dedicated right-handed version would fit my personal grip style better and be more comfortable, but I figured that might be an issue before I purchased (I will be waiting for the rumored 'pro' version to try that out too).

However, the wrist pain I was experiencing is pretty much gone now and getting used to moving around the trackball hasn't been as much of a problem as I thought it would be. If you are considering this as an alternative to a normal mouse I can definitely recommend giving it a shot.

Sascha H.
Die beste Trackball Maus

Habe in mein leben schon viele Trackballs besessen die meisten von Logitech. Am Anfang habe ich überlegt ob ich den Preiß bezahlen will da man in Deutschland ja noch Einführungssteuer zahlen muss welche noch mal um die 42 Euro betragen. Aber ich konnte mich überreden sie zu kaufen und habe es nicht bereut. sie reagiert sehr präzise und die Handhabung ist schön ergonomisch. Die Verarbeitung ist solide und wertig. Kein knarzen oder störende Geräusche. Würde sie mir immer wieder kaufen und auch jeden empfehlen der eine haben will. alles im alles sehr zufrieden. Gerne wieder.

I've owned a lot of trackballs in my life, mostly Logitech. At first I thought about paying the price because in Germany you still have to pay the introductory tax, which is around 42 euros. But I was able to persuade myself to buy it and have no regrets. it reacts very precisely and the handling is very ergonomic. The processing is solid and valuable. No creaking or annoying noises. I would buy it again and again and recommend it to anyone who wants one. all in all very satisfied. Gladly again.

Will E
I didn't know I needed this, but I love it

This thing is great and its solving problems I didn't even know I had. I scooped it up because it looked cool and I figured it would help me game on my laptop while sitting on the couch. Yes, lazy man, I know, but I got sick of using a mouse on the armrest while the better half watches her shows and thought this would help. This has quickly become my workhorse and I use this for everything, both work and gaming, and I find myself using it at a desk/table much more frequently than I do on the couch. I'm also blown away by the amount of content that the owner created covering setup, seriously, he covers everything (which is perfect for someone thats never even used one of these). Also, my hand doesn't hurt if I get through a full day of work and then dive into some gaming at night, something that I had just assumed would always be the case given the line of work I'm in as well as my hobbies. All in all this thing is a banger and I love it.

Jorge gutierrez


Jesse Pender
Love the game ball

I bought the game ball for 3D modeling but I also do music production and it's been excellent for both! The horizontal scroll is excellent for navigating graphics programs or any sort of video or audio program with a timeline! Having a button to navigate between high and low cursor track speeds has been even more useful than I had imagined imagined!